TuneJack 6.8

An utility to recover songs off your iPod, iPad, iPod touch and/or iPhone
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TuneJack is a Mac & Windows utility that enables users to copy all the contents from iPods, iPhones, and iPads to any computer. The difference vs. iRepo is that iRepo specializes in music & video only and has advanced recovery options. TuneJack works with multiple devices, meaning users can retrieve music from any different Apple devices, other than their own.
With a single window interface there is no complexity: after connecting the Apple device users only have to follow the wizard’s instructions, choose from among the options and forget about the rest.
This version supports iPad and iTunes 10 and above. In addition users will find other options such as playlist transferring, and most importantly TuneJack is capable of restoring iTunes library and matching the songs from the connected device to the files that are already present in the computer, avoiding duplications.
A great advantage is that it allows to connect more than one apple device meaning users can get songs from a friend’s iPod or any other Apple device.

Max Santillana
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  • Recovers songs off your iPod/iPhones/iPad
  • Playlist transferring,
  • Restores iTunes library
  • Matches songs


  • No custom settings
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